At Best in Bourbon, our mission is to provide suggestions based on our knowledge and opinions, in order to improve your bourbon experience. Whether you are drinking it, looking to buy it, or using it to cook, Best in Bourbon is your ultimate guide to all things bourbon. Enjoy!

Rating System

4 ribbon!

 Our ratings are based on a 4 ribbon system. Because rating different bourbons is very subjective, the reviews found on this site are based on my own personal opinions. These opinions are motivated by my own desire to seek out which bourbons I appreciate more than others, and a rating system helps me make that distinction. A poor review or rating for a particular bourbon does not mean that it is bad, just that I do not recommend it. My reviews should serve only as a reference, because everyone's palate is different. My suggestion is to try as many bourbons as possible to draw your own conclusions as to what you do and do not like. We hope you enjoy, cheers!

 When reviewing/rating bourbons we take the following into effect:

Nose: Simply put, the smell of the bourbon. Nosing allows one to detect the different aromas a particular bourbon gives off. It is important to nose with an open mouth to avoid burning your nose. I recommend going in multiple times.

Taste: This is the initial arrival of the bourbon on the palate to the point right before you swallow. You want to work the bourbon around the complete surface of the mouth to ensure you are picking up all of the flavors

Finish: The after taste or the flavor the bourbon leaves behind after you taste it. Is it dry? Does it linger? Higher quality bourbons tend to finish better.

Every bourbon that was reviewed was served neat, at room temperature in a glencairn glass

  After a thorough tasting of each bourbon, it is assigned an overall rating anywhere from 0 to 4 blue ribbons. Although the tasting notes and decision on how to rate each bourbon was my own, in some cases I enlisted the help of a panel to aide in the review of a particular bourbon.


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